Thursday, February 21, 2008

Video - Astrosatchel

When I first moved to Vancouver in 2002, I kept spotting these awesome, colourful and really just fun tote bags everywhere. I knew they must all be from the same company because the design sensibility behind the shape and the stitching, as well as the humour in the embellishments, all pointed to one source. I asked around and found out that they all came from the very creative mind of Janna Hurtzig, under the Astrosatchel label.

I interviewed her on the phone for a web piece on her line (you can see it here at TamaraMedia), and decided she was someone I should meet in person one day. So when I conceived of ModernGear TV, Janna and her little company that could, were at the top of my list for interview subjects. Check out the video below to see why.

It's a difficult task to choose which image suits your personality, so you'd probably be better off choosing a few! Janna designs new images as well as bag shapes on a regular (like, weekly!) basis and in addition to a bunch of stores that sell her line, there's also a good selection available on her web site.

Contact info:

Vancouver, BC
Owner: Janna Kurtzig

Room 6
Deep Cove, BC
Owner: Megan Curren


Lesel said...

Hi Tam

Cymbre loved the astrosatchel vidblog. She requested a few more vid shots of you. Also, was requesting that Konrad appear as an extra....she seems to know that you two should come as a pair!

Mrs. Merriman said...

LOVE the bags!!! xo


Another great post Tam! I'm heading over to Astrosatchel's website this minute to find the lipstick bag that's made for me.

ModernGear TV said...

Hi Lesel! I am so happy that Cymbre is watching and enjoying! She's my youngest watcher so far, but definitely the one with the biggest smile! (Those were THE BEST pictures!!) I love that she knows that we're Kon+Tam!!

Mrs. M - Aren't they wonderful?! Thanks for coming by!!

Marfsbaby - I don't think she has lipstick bags on the site but you can go to the studio - address is on the web site - and Janna has a whole bunch of stock to shop from there. Send her an e-mail, I am sure she'd love to hear from you!