Thursday, September 6, 2007

ModernGear Women - Celebrity fashion lines - the Olsen Twins’ ‘Elizabeth and James’

The Olsen twins’ new line Elizabeth & James is now available at Neiman Marcus. The line joins their other clothing ventures including a line for girls aged 4-14 that is sold in Walmart and their couture label The Row.

Here’s what this ensemble will cost you:

James Blazer $395.00

Long Muscle Tee $95.00

Stirrup Leggings $220.00

For a total of $710 before you’ve even thought about accessories, handbag or shoes.

Woah there…and this isn’t even their couture line? Have the Olsen twins’ millions (billions?) gone to their heads? Do they honestly think the average woman will be able to afford to drop over $700 on one outfit, even if the pieces can be mixed and matched? And do they realize they seem to be designing only for girls like themselves - 5′, 90lb Starbucks-toting nymphs? I am really seeing that fashion lines like this are only for those on “the inside” of the inner, upper circle…the too rich and too skinny few.

Some of the pieces are cute and potentially wearable, if not affordable. But all in all, I’m not convinced that this isn’t all something we’ve seen before, and again and again. To say nothing of the fact that…well, let’s just conclude with two words: stirrup leggings. Really???

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