Friday, June 8, 2007

ModernGear Women - A Silver Summer

All that glitters IS NOT gold!

Silver shoes are shining on the feet of well-dressed women from Vancouver to Toronto, LA to New York. Just a few of my favourites:

The Gershom model by Nine West, $69.00 at

The Nadia by Boutique 58, $130 at Piperlime.

The Grand Central from Tribeca by Kenneth Cole, $60.00. HA! I just read a Faking Good Breeding blog post that mentions these as “reminiscent of stripper shoes”.
The fabulous Audrey D’Orsay Ballet by Hollywould, $215

Silver is making and appearance in other, more interesting and unusual areas. I recently started testing the new Eveline Charles skincare line, (a VERY favourable review and a video podcast with Eveline are in the works). The most unique product in the line, and quite possibly the most effective as far as I can tell so far, is the new Nano Silver Cleanser.Normally I exercise caution when a product makes claims of greatness - I test a lot of bath and beauty products and cosmetics to write about them, and I’ve been fooled before and ended up with huge pimples, flaking dryness, and bright red tightness. In the case of the Nano Silver Cleanser, I actually am quite convinced of the product’s effectiveness. It promises and provides a deep clean which they say removes more makeup, oil, bacteria and fungi than any other cleanser. EC also says that this cleanser:

kills bacteria
fights acne
provides natural UV protection
and more

After using it for just a while, I can tell this is a product unlike any I have ever used. Whether it’s this cleanser or the other products in her new line produced in France, I am buying what they’re selling!

Think silver is an unusual ingredient in a skincare product? I thought it might be a gimmick too, until I did a little research about it. Here’s an interesting excerpt from Fraunhofer magazine , 2004.

“In the olden days, kings and queens ate from silver plates and drank from silver goblets as a demonstration of their wealth, power and refinement. But that wasn’t the only reason. The precious metal also protected the members of the royal household against disease, because silver has an antimicrobial effect. The antiseptic properties of silver have been known for 3,000 years.”

Lululemon is also introducing silver into everybody’s favourite gear. I’m not able to get the video to load from their page right now, but the home page introduces their new Silverescent fabric - nylon fabric with silver yarn woven in, as a bacteria (and hence odour) fighter. I’m waiting to hear back from my Lululemon contact, and will also be doing a story on this new secret ingredient soon.

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