Friday, September 7, 2007

ModernGear Home -The Perfect Perch for Perfecting Your Pout

Too much alliteration? Let’s move beyond that, shall we - and discuss…chairs for your makeup table.

This one place that is yours and yours alone, ladies, (let’s see boyfriend or husband try to steal this throne of all things feminine for his own!) deserves to be decked out in an utterly girly way. How else to designate a zone as estrogen-only?

Requisite table, mirror and chandelier aside, I’d like to share my nominations for the perfect perch. The following are my favourites:

1. Pastel-coloured studded leather stool - found at K Interiors in Vancouver when I was out doing research for a story, I actually wrote the article about this stool that appears on their web site.
This little beauty (also available in pink) caught my eye as just the absolute perfect touch for a corner that is all about a girl. It was surprising supportive and stuffed to be hard, not Shabby Chic poofy and soft in any way. You couldn’t comfortably spend hours and hours on this perch but then again, you shouldn’t spend that long on your face, anyway.

2 . Ghost Chairs - designed by Philippe Starck and produced by Kartell.
The Louis Ghost Chair in transparent crystal
The Louis Ghost Chair in black
The Victoria Ghost Chairs - transparent crystal and transparent colours.

I have been captivated by these chairs for a long time - with their perfect blend of iconic and historic shape, and bold and brave execution. To me, they’re ethereal and futuristic, while paying homage to the past. With practical consideration, they do look more beautiful as a piece of art than an actual utilitarian piece of furniture - my ever-practical husband reminded me how my butt would look sitting in it in my underwear, and my hair salon has the Louis Ghost chair under their hairdryer - it’s not comfortable for the long haul. But seated at a table where we use cosmetics to enhance our natural face and features, I don’t mind that this chair might be more style than substance. Use it for a half-hour and just enjoy its prettiness for the rest of the day. Somehow, isn’t that so fitting for the makeup table?

3. Eames Molded Plastic chair
I was a fan of how the Eames molded plastic chair LOOKED as well as its design history (also referred to as Eiffel chairs and originally designed in 1948, these were the first industrially manufactured plastic chairs) but my three minutes of testing time in furniture stores always left me wondering if this chair was going to be comfortable for the long haul. I have been able to more extensively test them out at the Ace Hotel in Seattle - we got married there in February and I was able to put in a lot more bum time on the Eames molded plastic rocking chair. I absolutely love it, and find it to be one of the more comfortable chairs I have had the pleasure of sitting in.

What I really like about these chairs is that they are timeless - they look good practically anywhere, and in any kind of decor. This is the kind of chair that could have a permanent home
at your makeup table but then be well used as an extra chair when you’re having a get-together.

4. Panton chair
Verner Panton’s famous chair, seen in galleries, cafes and homes makes me all dreamy. In this chair, I see flowing, graceful movement. I see a ballerina, or a woman with flair, style and grace. I see the strongest sense of balance in a most delicate package.

Our friends have six of these at their dining room table and while they look stunning in a group, I think that one simple Panton chair by a makeup table would be a wonderful statement. (And by the way, this might just be THE most comfortable chair I have ever sat in…)

5. An upholstered stool or chair

I first read about Natalie Hansen and her DIY project posted on The Steamed Artichoke Studio blog at Design*Sponge, one of my favourite design blogs.

I love her original choice of chair and the fabric she chose to re-do it in, but I also love her sense of adventure! I was drawn to this stool a long time ago, and it’s my dream to some day finish one, or a chair, similarly. Far from the mass-produced pieces I showed above, the uniqueness and flair of a piece like this would make it an object of your affection, and pride, for a long time.
As for what chair I have by my makeup table…well, none. I live in a loft, you see, and there’s just no space! Besides, I am not sure I could ever choose between the wonderful five examples above…I will definitely have to choose one day - something to daydream about while I put on my face standing over the bathroom sink.

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