Friday, October 5, 2007

ModernGear Women - Favourite Things for Fall

I am a total fall girl - sweaters, jeans, boots, wraps. Love them all. I could happily wear cashmere 24/7 for the next 6 months.

I am all about the belted sweater this season. The full leg jean, the boot, cape with gloves and fab handbag slung over the arm. Silk dress and sweater over top, tights with boots.

Here’s what I’m a yearnin’ and a burnin’ for from a few of my favourite designers…

Gerard Darel - more than a few lovelies to choose from…

Knit alpaca wool dress, with Big buckle belt.
And the utter, breathtaking piece de resistance that had me saying, “Gerard Darel, I love you…” out loud, to my computer, while my husband looked at me quizzically…Knitted alpaca woolcoat (le sigh), Boot cut seventies indigo jean (le swoon), “Working Girl” Havana bag (le purr)…

Loeffler Randall has some wonderful pieces - Brenda from Toronto sent me a link to a FAB red cape but I can’t find it…can you send that again? I did find this - the Butterfly Jacket, $465 at Active Endeavors.

I have loved Tory Burch’s tunics, kaftans and ballet flats in the past but right now as the fall chill creeps in I am all about the cashmere. Here’s her Deneuve Sweater, $295 at Bloomies.

I could also snuggle into this warm, cozy and stylish wool Shannon Cardigan, $595. I love the length, the cable knit, the toggles.
And finally, Vince. His funnel neck shift dress, below, could well be my winter staple, with tights and boots. At $235, it’s not crazy unaffordable either. Under it is the cashmere Audrey dress, $290. So sweet. And then under those two is the Cardigan Sweater Coat, for $320.

Do you know what I secretly love about the shape of these dresses - not the primary reason but one nonetheless? I didn’t exactly get into bikini shape this summer, and fall’s soups, stews and general comfort food might add a few lumps and bumps here and there - fall sweaters, sweater dresses and long sweater coats are perfect for disguising figure flaws. They would also be great wardrobe additions if one were, say, in the early stages of a pregnancy when you weren’t quite showing yet but were feeling all kinds of bloaty. I’m just saying.

I am thinking that the very best footwear for the fall season would be one of these:

Fly London’s “Diana”, for $215 CDN. I have a pair of boots from this company and they are so comfy…
The standard favourite from “…the oldest continuously operating shoe company in the United States (Founded in 1863)”, Frye’s Campus style…

or Fluevog’s Big Ruth at $309 CDN.

As you can see from my collection of fall faves, I am feeling the fall cool in my bones. But I actually love this season the very best. Cashmere, wool, wrapping yourself in something warm and cozy as you sip tea and watch the leaves change…this is my favourite time of year.

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