Monday, June 4, 2007

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I was strolling down a lovely, almost Parisian cobblestone street of Gastown on the weekend, arm in arm with my honey (I would recommend this activity as a therapy for all that ails you, taken once a day - much better than an apple), when I spotted something that made me stop dead in my tracks. It was a large baroque armchair that looked like it came from an old library in a grand European manse. On closer inspection, my husband realized that it looked like it came from a burned out old library in a grand European manse. You see, this beautiful piece, while imposing in scale and stately in personality, has an incredibly unique characteristic that makes it unlike anything I have ever seen before, and something I would so love to have.

This absolutely lovely armchair’s wood is burned. Does that surprise you like it did me? I hope so…I’d really hate for someone to look at this and think, “Big woop.”

Designed by Maarten Baas as a graduation project, it’s called the Smoke Chair and I think it’s fantastic.
There’s also a dining chair that I would love to have at our big black farm table, or to perch on as I primp at my makeup table.Their final piece in this collection is the Smoke chandelier.
I’ve been a fan of Moooi’s lighting for a long time, with their stand-out pieces like the Light Shade Shade...

This modern spin on the chandelier features a semi-transparent one-way mirrored film that conceals an elegant chandelier inside. Turn on the light, and the chandelier, as they say it well on their web site, “reveals its unforeseen identity and projects the former beauty that lies within”.

I have also liked their Random light since I first saw it, a great orb of jumbled yarn.
I was told that the store I saw it in - Inform Interiors - has had the line for about a year or so now, and it’s actually been out since 2004. I remarked that I hadn’t seen the pieces before and was told they sell out of them so quickly that they’re hard to keep in stock. The collection might just experience another surge in popularity now that Angelina Jolie herself is draped over it in the upcoming issue of Esquire (photo borrowed from Just Jared).

You can really see the burned texture in this photo. I haven’t seen the issue yet but am hoping that Moooi is cited along with a link to their web site. The story isn’t about Moooi and though the chair is used as a prop that eyes might just graze over while ogling Angelina, it’s still a great placement. A beautiful woman lounging on what I think is one of the world’s most interesting chairs, in a magazine read by millions of men. Hallelujah! Whatever it takes to get people to appreciate good design.

The Smoke armchair retails for $5300, the dining chair for $2000 and the chandelier for $1324.

You can see more Moooi by clicking here and also check out Inform Interiors’ great web site here.

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