Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ModernGear Women - Mercury Sunglasses

Prada? We don’t need no stinkin’ Prada!

Oops, sorry. That was a bit of an odd way to start a post but I am going somewhere with this.

I used to drop hundreds of dollars on designer sunglasses, until I realized that the Gucci clear sunglasses I bought a few years ago for over $400 were essentially useless because, um, THEY WERE CLEAR!! Yeah, they were totally trendy, looked cool and they were even UV protective, yada yada yada. I still squinted and couldn’t see in the sun! Pretty, but unsafe. In a word, ridiculous. I was a true victim of fashion.

I decided to go over to the dark (and large) side shortly thereafter. But I realized that trying on and falling in love with the large and dark Gucci and Prada and Chanel frames seen on Nicole Richie, Ashlee Simpson and Angelina Jolie as the paps chased them was kind of ridiculous, given my habit of tossing them into my purse, gym bag, or glove compartment, or accidentally sitting on them.

I remember my first pair quite fondly. I came over to the cheaper side a bit gradually. They were larger than I was used to, but still designer(ish) - some sort of line out of France with a frog as a logo, that I got on sale for about $200. Here I am in the Italian Dolomites wearing them, feeling very Euro indeed.
I decided that they weren’t big enough and have since been through a few more pairs that were much cheaper but certainly, not as good quality either. These things can’t take being dropped or sat on. On the plus side, it’s such an inexpensive way to change up your look every season, if you want…rather than being saddled with $400+ clear sunglasses!

My husband and I are leaving on our honeymoon in 22 days (not that I am counting) and for this trip to Europe I was looking for a nice big, dark pair to wear as we stroll through a piazza in Lucca, sit at a fountain in Rome, sip tea at high elevation in Chamonix. I visited a few surf shops and cheaper clothing stores and just couldn’t find any sunglasses that didn’t look like they cost $20. I decided to go to an eyeglass boutique, and sure enough, there were sunglasses everywhere.

I walked into the store and right past the Prada display - you know the kind - on a shelf, well-lit, behind a locked glass door. I walked instead, straight to the display that was out in the open with about a hundred frames on each side, and a mirror at the top. They were all by this great line Mercury. After trying on several pairs, I found the right ones. I liked the ones called Daniella, and even Gliteratti (but am not so into sparkles, or bling as the cool kids might still call it) but Moscow Diva is the style that was just perfect for me.

They are available for purchase online at, and are incredibly low-priced. Wish you could afford aviators, big and dark Jackie Os, or the hot-again Wayfarers? Get ‘em all for less than the price of those ridiculous clear things I dropped my hard-earned cash on…and remember to outrun the paparazzi when they mistake you for a stylish celeb.

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