Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ModernGear Home: Neklight

We live in a condo that looks out on a busy port and train area, with ships and trains being loaded and unloaded 24 hours a day. Despite the fact that the bright lights that illuminate the work through the night shine through our windows, barely concealed by our light cotton drapes, I still manage to stub a toe or bruise my shin in an attempt to make my way up our darkened stairway if my husband has gone to sleep before me and shut off the lights upstairs.

I sometimes illuminate my cell phone and use it as a flashlight but the light shuts off if I don’t keep pressing keys, and with it turned the other way, I’ve come dangerously close to calling China by the time I get upstairs. Plus, I’m often loaded down with stuff to carry and rarely have an empty hand to hold my phone.

So imagine my delight when I found this handy little tool called the Neklight.

Not just for those of us skulking around our homes in the dark, it would also be handy for walking the dog, reading a book in bed if your partner is sleeping, or on a flight, as well as camping and outdoor activities after dusk falls. My husband uses a headlamp when we go camping but, like their web site says, the neklight won’t mess up your hair or get makeup on the strap! Looks aside, it won’t also accidentally point down and shine light in your eyes, either.

It’s not necessarily the most fashionable thing but sometimes utility trumps image (and saves my toes and shins).

Available in black, blue, red and silver, the neklight is $19.95USD.

You can get neklight online through their website at, or at stores throughout the U.S. - list is on their site.

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