Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Great Newsletter Roundup October 16, 2008

So much great content, so little time. This little beta* feature will help you weed through the masses of newsletters and web sites quicker. We'll highlight the most interesting stuff and update it as new info comes in that might appeal to a large variety of readers. No location-specific spas or restaurants, but things we can all enjoy.

The really likes the formulation of LancĂ´me’s Bi-Facial eye makeup remover.
Daily Candy Kids has a mealtime and eating roundup of products for baby.
StyleItLess found a great mustard yellow jacket I'd consider wearing at Forever 21.
Did you get you GOOP today? Hope so, because the copy isn't available on the web site. Topic of discussion? "BE".
LouLou found a gorgeous knit wrap ruffle dress from Banana Republic, $185.
Coveiter has beautiful handmade scarves from Etsy.
Inhabitat has something truly amazing - the WaterMill.

*The feature is beta because we're just testing the waters to see if you like it. It'll run for a few weeks and if it seems it's being read, then we'll continue. It's pretty labour-intensive, but we think you'll dig it. If you want us to put any newsletters or sites you're interested in but never get around to reading onto our list to review, let us know. Again we won't share everything from every newsletter, but only the most interesting goodies.

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