Saturday, October 31, 2009

Welcoming our little man

A quick quick post as I know there are at least a handful of you still visiting this space and awaiting news!

I gave birth to our three-pound, one-ounce sweetheart between 11 and 12 weeks early, last Wednesday (Oct 21). He is currently doing very well in NICU, and will stay there for between 7-10 more weeks.

He is beautiful, he is a fighter (and he even looks like one!) - and we are more in love with him than we knew was possible.

I am so thankful, even though he's there and it tests my strength, intestinal fortitude, will, resolve and every molecule of my being to not bring him home with me! It's simply too soon. He's under the 24/7 watchful eye of an incredible complement of nurses, doctors and support staff, and he is coming along as they expect him to.

It's opened our eyes to a whole new world - yes, one with a baby but also one with terms like CPAP (the breathing assistance he is on, that is one people with apnea use) - he is not intubated, he is not on a ventilator so this is very good. And words like bilirubin, jaundice and gavage - things we are dealing with.

Justine, his nurse last night said he is an eater and a grower.

He's being tube fed but it's breast milk (yay me!) and it is regularly upped, so soon they will be able to remove the tube. He also had a little taste of breast milk last night when Justine put a few drops in his mouth to soothe him.

He lost some weight after birth (normal) and isn't up to his birth weight yet but we hope soon. I am pumping like a madwoman (quite a visual) so he's got a LOT of milk in the freezer when he needs it, with 16 or so small 2 oz. bottles added every day. I am one motivated mama!

So, I won't keep you waiting any longer -- I'd like to introduce you to our little man, Finn Jacob. We love him so much.

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