Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall Friday musings

I'm in a certain mood, and feeling a certain word these days that if it slips away, I try (because as Yoda says: Either do or do not, there is no try) I work really hard at bringing back into my consciousness and approach to everything.

Organic. Less in the no-fertilizers or pesticides way but in the natural, harmonious, flowing, isn’t it easy way.

I am admiring people to whom good things seem to come naturally and easily...because I know things don't come naturally and easily at all, rather because they are able to accept such gifts with grace...versus my reaction which is often times shock, disbelief and the suspicion that something bad has to be around the corner to counterbalance the good.

I am working at acceptance, and trust, and always, always...always hope.

And, I am in the mood for fall.

For cozying together, for the smell of leaves and fires at night...for reading and cups of tea and warm, soft sweaters and dark denim and leather boots. For baking and making stew, sewing a quilt (hello, Posie Gets Cozy's Ollalieberry Ice Cream Quilt) with matching pillow cases to make a true nest to sink down into on a cool fall night

(I'm getting started), and knitting a blanket.

Here are some images that inspire me this season, and that to me speak of organic. (Click to make image bigger.)
1. Alex Marshall serving bowl, on sale from $108 to $69.99, at Remodelista.
2. Fog Linen Work Apron, £35 at selvedge dry goods.
3. Vintage German grain sack from Stephanie Lloyd.
4. A Madsen kg271/bucket bike, $1299. What would I put in the bucket? Pooch. Pumpkins. Picnic. Anything!
5. My Fiorentini & Baker boots - blogged about before, and coming to me this weekend!
6. J.R. Watkins Black Cleaning Bucket, $10.99

And, I am so happy that The Swell Season's new disc comes out in October. I heard one song on CBC Radio's Q and I cried (thanks, Jian Ghomeshi!). If you're in love, or you wish you were, I defy you to listen to this song without at last one tear rolling down your cheek. "...maybe I was born to hold you in these arms..."

Next week - Fall Fashion musings. Til then, have a glorious fall weekend.


Gillian Young said...

So nice to hear from you again! You should have said hi at Lululemon! Will be back in Vancouver in the new year, we will have to have a proper hello again :)

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