Thursday, July 2, 2009

ModernGear Women: Jump(suits)!

(not sure why this post isn't truncating, but I'll leave it this way til I can figure it out!)
Jump, jump(suit) for my love
Jump(suit), I know my heart can make you happy
Jump(suit) in, you know these arms
Can feel you up
Jump(suit), you want to taste my kisses
In the night then
Jump, jump(suit) for my love!

I know, I know...yesterday's post about my about-face on the veeeery important subject of rompers had your head spinning. But don't worry - I am not about to BLOW your mind now, because I am solidly on the fence about jumpsuits. I WANT to love them I do. But there are SO FEW examples of them done well, that I am having a heck of a time. Shall we walk the Hall of Fame/Shame and look at a few?

Eva Longoria looks good - cool & comfy. I think she's at an airport here, or a mall. Does Eva Longoria DO the mall?

Shakira, Shakira, Shakira. Oh don't mind me, I am not using a condescending tone, I'm just have one of her songs on repeat in my head, where the guy sings her name three times. She too looks cool & comfy here.

Scarlet Johansson -- I want to like it, I do...which I do, but only because you're wearing it and I truly dig you. But I can't LOVE this quasi-flightsuit, though I must admit YOU are WEARING IT, and not letting it wear YOU. So, points for that.

Alisha Keys. Oh honey, no. Nope. Uh-uh. NOT for hippy women, no matter how beautiful they are, I am sorry. Which is why I cannot wear a jumpsuit!

Selma Blair. I just don't know, I can't decide because I can't think because the way-too-long pants are distracting me. You might get hurt, honey. Don't fall victim to a fashion accident. I have talk about this before, here and here. Don't you read my blog? Well okay, I'm sure you don't. Just be careful.

Now, who would win in a jumpsuit-off between Selma Blair and Gwyneth Paltrow? Tough call. For me, it's Gwynnie by a hair (or a hem)...

Maggie Gyllenhaal, I just can't get behind this, even if it looks good from behind.
Same goes for you, Amber Tamblyn. It's kind of frumpy. And a hem, would it kill you to get a hem job?!

And the gorgeous Padma Lakshmi, who would win best dressed in the category of jumpsuit if only she had bothered to take this garment to a tailor and get it hemmed. Too bad - the winner is...

Malin Ackerman...I worry that you are skirting danger with the length of these pantlegs, but honey, you are rocking this jumpsuit. Two thumbs up!

Now...there aren't as many jumpsuits to choose from right now as there are rompers, because the extra fabric adds extra heat in the middle of summer, but jumpsuits are a solid night-on-the-town source, so I tracked down some beauties for you. (Seriously, not for 5'2", 3 months pregnant me...because those who can't...share links.)

From Tobi, the beautiful Black Halo Jackie Jumpsuit, $435. I know, the price is a little steep but do you love it, or do you love it? It's the neckline that was on the incredibly popular Black Halo Jackie dress but in a gorgeous jumpsuit. LOVE it.

Black Halo Jackie Jumpsuit

From, this one is so lovely.
Ksubi Black Strapless Jumpsuit, a more reasonable $272 and made in Australia. Oooh exotic!

Ksubi Black Strapless Jumpsuit

Juicy Couture Black Smocked Terry Jumpsuit
, $178. I just don't think I can support a velvety jumpsuit. But, someone might like it...for playing shuffleboard on the Lido Deck, Grandma.

Juicy Couture Black Smocked Terry Jumpsuit

From, the Helmut Lang Feather Jersey Jumper, $290.
I really want to rave about this one, I might make me seem more worldly, more high fashion. But I shake my head. The sort of harem pant scares me. Lord knows, I don't need anything adding extra padding in the girth. However, on the right Paris, captured on film and posted at maybe, it could work.
Helmut Lang Feather Jersey Jumper

T-Bags Wide Leg Jumpsuit
, $198. I like this one because it reminds me of Padma Lakshmi's. It also comes in other colors.
T-Bags Wide Leg Jumpsuit

T-Bags Wide Leg Jumpsuit

T-Bags Print Wide Leg Jumpsuit
, $207
T-Bags Print Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Theory Demara Jumpsuit
, $215
Theory Demara Jumpsuit

Sue Stemp Jumpsuit
, $766.50 - this one is quite 'spensive, but it's so fabulously Studio 54 it is insane!
Sue Stemp Jumpsuit

I really love this one - because, stick ruffles at the neck of anything and I'm in it as quickly as possible. Can't help myself!
Sunner Florent Jumpsuit
, $262
Sunner Florent Jumpsuit

And OH! If you like any of these from ShopBop, check out this sale:
2 DAYS ONLY! Take an EXTRA 25% OFF All SALE with code EXTRA25 at shopbop

You know, if I had even an extra six inches I would definitely wear a jumpsuit (AFTER HEMMING!!!). Alas, I am not going to grow, so these are not for me. But, maybe for you?


Kathryn said...

I prefer the jumpsuit to the romper absolutely but am still not 100% convinced ... however, they are GREAT for lounging by the pool after the sun goes down

and if Gwyneth Paltrow looks horrible (in my opinion anyway) what chance do the rest of us have???

Anonymous said...

I think some of these are just gorgeous and in the right setting, would be very sophisticated. Unfortunately, like all trends, so many of the wrong shaped women wear them...and I feel sad for them, I do...but it doesn't work. And THANKS, by the way, for putting that song in my head!!