Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Great e-Roundup March 4, 2009

Happy Wednesday! I actually thought yesterday was Wednesday - figured it out at about noon. How weird a feeling is that? Links below.

Gap won't be widening the gap in 2009, says California Apparel News.
On wowowow Liz Smith says Rihanna, dump your abuser, now. (I have to agree - or she'll never be able to convincingly sing a "girl power" song again..)
THIS I love. Through The Kitchn, I found the Super Natural Recipe Search. What a fantastic resource!
SF Girl by Bay has an ode to kitchens! Luckily I am helping to renovate/build two and decorate a third soon (long story!) and there is PLENTY of inspiration in this post. But how to choose?!

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