Thursday, February 5, 2009

ModernGear Women: I love Made With Love by Hannah

A few years ago now, I discovered Made With Love by Hannah. My first (and to date, only) purchase was the beautiful Bukarest skirt, in white with black.

The Romanian birds and flowers print is just so pretty, and the quality was even better than I thought it would be. I loved wearing it with a plain black top and black ballet flat, or boots. But my berth widened (!) and I haven't been able to wear it for some time. I'm working on that but in the meantime, Hand Made by Hannah has some new designs that I am going to just go ahead and order a size larger.

Here are some of the prettiest:

April Showers skirt, $68

Dutch Treat skirt, $58
Tree Top skirt, $68

Ribbon print skirt, $68

My favourites have to be the Polish-inspired Wycinanki skirt, $68
and the Polish Pottery skirt, $62.

I'd also love to see the Wycinanki dress, $110.

I'd love to don one of these and see the look on MGTV Hubby's face, as he hails from Poland.

I also love the made with love by Grandma section, and I am over the moon for the Polish Pottery Apron. Officially the first purchase I'll make after next payday. SO perfect to wear when making borscht.

The patterns are whimsical, ultra feminine and just plain sweet. I'd wear any of these with a plain tee or tank top, and they'd be perfect in the summer. I'll be making some purchases to stock my wardrobe for the warm months to come...


Ms.Barbara Jane said...

So sweet!

Cathy said...

I totally LOVE those! Wow! I am going to have a closer look!

ModernGear TV said...

Pretty, huh? I'll get one next payday or the one after that and I'll let you know what I think!