Thursday, January 22, 2009

ModernGear Shoes: Well-heeled for less

I've shared my plans to slowly grow my wardrobe, and I've written about my love of saving money on clothing. The two are not mutually exclusive, with the internet at my disposal.

Now, not only have I needed to invest in clothing, but also in footwear. I really can't wear heels anymore (if you know me you know about the old Arthitic ankles) and haven't been able to comfortably for years, so I have a collection of various comfy shoes (read: ugly) and flats that are not hideous. Or at least, they weren't when they were new. Because I wear flats regularly, they get...well...worn!

It doesn't help that I live with a chewer. I recently said goodbye to a favourite pair of little silver ballet flats, when Duane got to them and one is not so much a ballet flat as a slide now, with the heel completely eaten away. I liked them so much I decided to track them down again.

They were under $50 from a DSW store, and were by Me Too. They had a ruched toe and a slight, slight heel so they weren't like wearing house slippers. They didn't appeal to me in the beginning from a fashion standpoint, but were the most comfortable flats I have ever slipped on, so I decided to get them and hope the looks would grow on me.

They did, and luckily I found them again, but a half-size small in the silver. I slipped on the non-chewed one and decided they had stretched a little and I could go down half a size, so they're on their way. Here they are in dark blue, which I'll also get later as well.
If I find a shoe I can actually walk in, then believe-you-me, I am going to get them in all colours. Ya gotta work with what you've got, I say. And the prices are amazing at DSW - these are $49.95. While doesn't have this specific style, their other flats from Me Too are in the $70 range, and also has the line but they're more expensive here too.

I also decided to try these little sparklers but in gold, for $24.94:
Because I am pretty much stuck with flats, I like to have fun with them.

I was just finishing up my online transaction when I realized I should go and search for online coupon codes, and I found three to try...saving me on shipping costs and discounting the order an extra $15. (I'll add the link to where I found them on my coupon codes and sales page.)

Total order = $64.83.

There is a pair of similar shoes by Me Too with a ruched toe but a wrapped wedge heel, availabe at and I think that next payday I am going to try these. Who knows, maybe I can wear a slight heel.
I'm looking forward to trying platforms and wedges this spring and summer, to wear with dresses and skirts. I'm eager to try out some strappy and clunky styles that I saw girls tromping along in last summer. What footwear trends from last year are you hoping to see again?


Anonymous said...

You posted last year about Gwyneth's gladiator shoes - I do love those. I could say goodbye to flat gladiators though - too many girls wearing them. The booty thing, I don't care for.

Anonymous said...

PS Tamara, try platform shoes! You might be able to get into a heel and don't even know it...

Trista said...

Awesome finds.!! Those shoes are really fabulous. Well, I too used to wear flat shoes more than high heel.