Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Moderngear House and Home: Clearing the air

We have a house guest for the holidays, and what I am about to share with you has been the best tool to help me be a gracious and confident host - better than a chocolate on the pillow, special soap with the towels, and a trip to the grocery store for our guest's favourite foods.

The fact is, when sharing close quarters - a washroom/restroom/bathroom (whatever you call it) with someone else, from time to time, things can get a bit dicey. Or, I'll just say it, stinky.

Hey - poop is natural! It's normal! It is also fascinating stuff, really, and a great indicator of health. As a matter of fact, there are a few great titles dedicated to the subject.

The entertaining The Truth About Poop
and Everyone Poops
The informative What's Your Poo Telling You?
And the helpful Poo Log
but pooping is a bodily function and by their very nature, those (and their after-effects) just shouldn't be shared. Now you can keep things to yourself with the help of Poo-Pourri. (And no, I don't mean potpourri.)
I've known about and used this product for some time. I was testing it while I tried to find a group of men to also test it and be featured in a video - guys at a fire hall or a lifeguard shack, a volleyball team or men who work in an automotive shop. But no-one was open to discussing their poop (or the poop of others) on camera. Better to suffer in silence, I am assuming that they thought.

I understand why, but at the same time - we all do it. All of our four guests did it during the Grand Prix weekend back in the summer. Our friends and family who have visited over the past year did it. And my husband and I do it every day. But with Poo-Pourri, you really don't need to know about it.

So how does it work? Well, most air fresheners mask odors after they've happened. But that's too late! Albert Einstein said, "Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them." And that's where Poo-Pourri comes in...before anything has ever happened.

A little spritz into the toilet bowl before you do your business coats the water with a fine layer of aromatherapy oils and...oh boy. How do I delicately describe this. Well...Poo-Pourri describes it as, "...blocks any unpleasant odors before they begin." And that's all you need to know!

Available at, the original scent of Lemongrass, Bergamot, Grapefruit and other essential oils, and sells for 2 oz. $9.95, 4 oz. $14.95. If you're an Amazon lover like I am, you can also get all of the sprays there.
Poo-Pourri 2-oz. Toilet Spray
Poo-Pourri Preventive Bathroom Odor Spray, 4 oz
There's also an XL 8oz bottle available on Amazon! Over 400 uses for $19.95 (those shop guys really ought to think about this one...)
Poo-Pourri X-Large 8 oz bottle
Heaven Scent (2 oz. $9.95, 4 oz. $14.95) features a blend of White Jasmine floralsNo. 2 (2 oz. $9.95, 4 0z. $14.95) is scented by a blend of Mandarin, Bergamot and Orange essential oils.
Royal Flush (2 oz. $11.95, 4 oz. $16.95) is a wonderful, and perhaps more manly fresh blend of Eucalyptus and Spearmint.
You know that awkward moment when you have finished a particularly pungent task in the washroom, washed your hands and closed the washroom door behind you, only to face someone walking towards it? Do you do the, "I wouldn't go in there right now..."? My favourite to my husband was, "I am so sorry for what I did in there." Don't worry about that anymore. With this product, you can leave with sweet-scented fresh air and a clear conscience.


Anonymous said...

Having been a guest at your house, can I be the first to say "thank you" for having this fantastic product in your bathroom. Must get me some. Wish the dollar were more favorable to we Canadians!!!

Sontza Design Works said...

I have yet to use said product although have been told by several sources that it works great!! And for your anonymous reader ... it is available here (in Canada too)!! My sister-in-law works in a gift shop that carries it. Ambiante ... both in Twassaan and White Rock.

Good luck!!


ModernGear TV said...

Thank you for your comments, you two!! Yes, you've both been guests in my home...and MOM, you're welcome!! And Tanya, Ambiante carries all the cool stuff, no doubt about it. Love you both!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

I have a more commercial product that smells like eucalyptus. Does it work? You bet it does. I love these new products. Great, clever could even leave them out. I had a good laugh out loud when I saw Poo-pourii but I really lost it with No.2.

ModernGear TV said...

Aren't they great? We do leave them out, and what I like is some look more girly, and some are more masculine, so they would even work in a bachelor pad.