Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ModernGear Helpful and handy: never forget eggs and milk again

What do you run out of in the kitchen first? I think the answer can tell a lot about a person - is it pasta, or juice, olives or fancy pink sea salt? In addition to the standard milk and eggs, it seems we're always replacing olive oil, salt, flour and sugar (from all the pizza dough making and baking that goes on here...).

A really entertaining book called MILK EGGS VODKA grocery lists lost and found, is a collection of people's grocery lists left behind in carts and baskets and other places.

Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found, from $1.89 (used) at Amazon.

Also from the writers of the book that features some very funny grocery lists they've collected over the years, is a web site full of good info about food, and a handy downloadable grocery list. In an effort to be better organized and not forget the dish soap (as I always seem to do), I am going to print it up, stick it on the wall and fill it out whenever we run out of something.

But what if I forget to print another one up after I fill the first one out? Well, there's always this great ready-made one in notepad style from Knock Knock. The All Out Of Notepad is $6.99.

Of course if I am actually this organized, I won't leave behind any fodder for the next Milk Eggs Vodka book, either. Better that than leave something half-baked because I forgot the eggs, though.

A fun Christmas gift for the gourmand in your house might be this notepad, along with other goodies in a picnic basket. Or maybe a collapsible shopping basket like the ones I wrote about last week...

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