Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Great e-Roundup December 17, 2008

Thankfully my niece and nephew are still young enough to be easy to shop for - if it has princesses or Jedi knights on it, it's cool. But when they get older, that might change. Better Homes and Gardens has done the research for you with older kids on your gift list, in the best gifts for teens and tweens.
Are you as wary as I am of the sleeping pill commercials that make it seem like it's completely fine to take them? Check out Shine's list of all-natural herbs to ease insomnia. shares how to be radiant - and I have these, by the way, and they work! I shall write a post about them soon!
I love me some Giada! In this video she cooks the yummy Orecchiette With Mini-Chicken Meatballs. I think I am making that tonight.

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