Sunday, November 9, 2008

ModernGear Sunday Style

We are off to Pasadena for a day of strolling, cafes and...YARD SALES! Ohhh I hope I hope we come across a diamond in the rough like an old armchair that we can re-cover in a funky fabric...although we did get that little gem the last time we were there. Still, we could hardly believe it when we were in Joshua Tree and our Pilates instructor said almost all of his great furniture came from such sales.

The pooch is going to spend a day with his buddies at doggy daycare, and we're off in search of the great find. This is what I would wear if I could - the perfect Sunday garage sale-ing outfit, non? I know, what's with the grey? That's my fall fave colour.
Do you think it's a big deal if my boots don't match my bag exactly, and my cardi is yet another tone? I don't think it's so bad...


Cathy said...

I LOVE tone on tone, and I am LOVING grey too! Maybe because it is grey here. PS...I LOVE the song "Gray in LA' by Loudon Wainwright III.

PS...Can I copy your outfit?! Sounds like a perfect day to me!

Sontza Design Works said...

So ... did you find your diamond? Love the outfit too!

ModernGear TV said...

Hi Cathy,

Definitely you can copy the outfit!! Wish I had it to lend to you!

Tanya, no...sadly, we didn't make it to any of them as we arrived too late and then had lunch. But we had fun poking around stores though, which was good enough. AND it was cheap - we didn't buy anything! Then went to the Disney Concert Hall, a Frank Gehry building. Amazing. All in all, a nice date day.

Anonymous said...

Oh definitely all the greys are okay!! All matchy would be too much anyways.