Friday, November 7, 2008

ModernGear Fashion Friday: Heavenly Herve Leger

Dear Herve Leger,

Why must you taunt me so? Seeing all of these celebs parading around in your elastic bandage-inspired dresses makes my obsession with you that much stronger. You see, I, woman of curve and extra saddlebag girth, am offered the promise that I might one day have all of my extra jiggly bits held tight with such marvelous elastic technology.

Your dresses make average women look va-va-voom and above average women downright DAYUM!! Kim Kardashian's ample ass(ets) are held just so in the your dress, while tiny Rachel Bilson's smaller proportions look equally amazing. Catherine Zeta-Jones looks like a million bucks and even MANDY MOORE LOOKS SEXY!! How is this possible, Herve? Tiny little Hayden Panettiere is perfect in your frock, and then there's Kate Walsh. Geesh. If I looked this good from behind in a dress, I'd turn the other cheek all the time.

I am not sure I've ever seen Geri Halliwell looking quite so good, and even AMANDA BYNES rocks this dress! Kate Beckinsale should wear more of your designs and less frilly, over-the-top stuff (but that's just my opinion), and oh, there's Kim Kardashian again. My, she loves your dresses, doesn't she? Youngster Michelle Trachtenberg and country music star Kellie Pickler wear it well, as well.

Now, it is possible for some women to look, well, not as good as others. I don't know that this was the look Christina Aguilera, Misha Barton or Catherine Zeta-Jones should have gone with (and Catherine looked so good in the burgundy number above, but this gold number really doesn't wor at all, does it?) but everyone else is really rocking it - Jenny McCarthy, Posh (we can't do anything about that tan or the concrete boobs, so...), even Rumer Willis and Star Jones look pretty good!

So Herve, why? Why, Herve? Why must your dresses cost more than my mortgage payment?

Sleeveless Minidress $950

Ombre Sequined Dress, $2800

I can't go on like this, Herve. I have to get over you. I am going cold more collecting photos of your stunning dresses, no more wistfully clicking through e-shops in search of your designs. I'll leave you with just one thought, Herve.



Anonymous said...

That is quite a collection of pics! I have seen those dresses around a lot in celeb pictures but I had no idea who the designer was. They're pretty. But expensive!

Songy said...

I find his dresses just so unforgiving of woman's shape. Sure if you have a well curved/shaped body that's great but most of us don't.. so it's really for those people not for me. :(

ModernGear TV said...

Hi C., expensive is right!
Songy, I think you're right too...I am not sure the elastic of his dresses would be enough to hold (all of) me in!