Friday, October 3, 2008

ModernGear Women: Sweater weather is finally here!

You might think I'm crazy to rejoice in such a fact but cooler weather is here, and I love it! Now I'm not completely odd - I don't love winter, but fall is definitely a season I'd extend if I could. There's just something about that scent in the air - the perfume of Autumn, and finally being able to layer a t-shirt with a sweater, over jeans and boots. Aaaah. Cozy.

Last year I was all about Vince...and so were some other very fashionable women.

Halle Berry in Vince

Sarah Michelle Gellar in Vince

Katherine Heigl in Vince

Kate Moss in Vince

And sometimes my tastes wax and wane, so I wasn't sure if I'd still be such a fan this fall. Oh, but I am.

And I'm about triple excited too because Vince but launched an e-commerce site so while I can find Vince sweaters and clothing on other sites, I can find the whole collection there. Let me share my favorites!

Vince Knit Charcoal Car Coat
Vince Knit Charcoal Car Coat

This style is also available at Tobi for $285 as the Vince Sculpted Car Coat.

Tobi also has another Vince style that I think could transition from late summer into fall very well, imagine it with a nice crisp white blouse underneath.

Vince Fine Cashmere Tunic Top

Vince Fine Cashmere Tunic Top


Vince Tie Front Wrap Neck Sweater

$345/35% wool/35% alpaca/30% acrylic
Vince Tie Front Wrap Neck Sweater

Vince Ensign Cashmere Cardigan

Vince Ensign Cashmere Cardigan

I like to look at my favourite e-boutiques as often they'll have sales that the designer's own web sites won't have until end-of-season, but I can say that the Vince selection out there is pretty light. No store, after all, can afford to carry the entire collection.

So from Vince's new e-commerce site where I could seriously shop til I drop, here are my additional favourite sweaters:

Reverse Stitch Kimono $295
Ultra light cardigan $320
Ribbed cardigan $265

I know these are quite expensive pieces, but I find their design to be timeless, and the cashmere is top these are investment pieces, and keepers.

Vince has a lot of other goodies besides sweaters, but that's just what I am in the mood for today...check out their new site.

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