Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ModernGear Kids: Tessy & Tab teach kids great skills

I don't have kids yet, so in some eyes I might not be qualified to make pronouncements about their proper upbringing...but I am still going to.

My tips for raising a healthy and happy child who is well-prepared for life would certainly include (but are not limited to): shutting off the television. Going outside and exercising, in the form of play. Making things with your own hands, and having your son or daughter do so alongside you. And, teaching money management from a young age.

This is an especially relevant lesson in our current tough economic environment, with an uncertain future. it is probably going to get worse before it gets better. Stock markets will crash and rally, interest rates will go up and down, but it's never too early to teach a kid the value of a dollar (or a penny) and how that dollar (or penny), over time, given the right conditions and treatment, can grow and grow and grow.

I learned about a tool that can help with these lessons, just yesterday.

The Money Manager Kit from The Tessy & Tab Reading Club helps kids learn, through a seven-step program, how to manage their own money. Kids will love the "Save, Spend & Share" posters and 3-part bank, and parents will love the allowance calculator, chore charts and spending discussion chart.

The kit is appropriate for kids ages two to six, and I say start them learning such valuable information the earlier the better! The $24.95 that you spend on the kit will likely be the most important early purchase you can make for your child. Consider it an investment.

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