Thursday, September 11, 2008

ModernGear Fashion: Frocks by Posh

Sorry for the absence - I've been a very busy girl of late. So, apparently, has Victoria Beckham. (And that is where the similarities between us begin and end...)

First of all, she changed her iconic hairstyle so now women all over the world will be bringing in pictures to their hairstylists and asking for the pixie cut. It also appears she's spent considerable time in front of the mirror, perfecting her signature pose (and one would assume doing pilates or yoga or some such thing to build the muscles required to contort one's body so and still manage to breathe...really quite impressive for someone who has said she doesn't work out).

And though her dVb women's denim line was deemed mostly a flop, she's just launched a denim line for men (who wouldn't want their man to wear jeans designed with David Beckham as the muse!), and she's been doing well with sunglasses and fragrance. What I am most interested in, though, are the delicious frocks that she launched in New York for Fashion Week.

Quite simply, I love them. Check out a sampling of the goodies, starting with the styles I am just lukewarm about, and then getting warmer and warmer:

Some are calling the designs "derivative", or a silhouette that has been done a thousand times before, but there is a reason it's been done before. It's flattering, and beautiful!

Beckham says the collection is suitable for all ages and is available in sizes 6-14. That does beg the question, though, why is she not designing clothing she herself, as a size zero or smaller, can wear?!

Feast your eyes on more of her dresses.
(Not sure if these are separates or not)

And my top three favourites:

I would definitely love to own one of these beauties, but with prices ranging from $1,200-$2,800, that's not likely...good thing though. I don't think there's any way I can master the Posh pose...

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