Friday, August 1, 2008

ModernGear Women: it's in the jeans

It's late in the summer, and have you yet recovered from the trauma of the annual Spring swimsuit shopping excursion? It could really be re-titled the Annual Swimsuit Trying On and Leaving In Tears Excursion, couldn't it? Too much selection to choose from of nothing that fits, and nothing that is meant for an average over-30 body, under lights that seem designed to highlight every dimple and sag, in front of mirrors that I could swear could have come from a carnival hall because - "Surely my image is distorted?", I think to myself, does not a fun afternoon make. Honestly, is there anything more painful?

Um, yes. Wait til the end of summer, and go to look for a pair of jeans - another truly confounding and crushing experience...unless you have the body of an "I have a trainer, a stylist, a full bank account and air brushing" celebrity, that is. Well, while we might not look like these women, we can at least take some style cues from them as we attempt to make shopping for fall denim as painless an experience as possible.

For instance, we can take solace in the fact that while they often get it very right, sometimes even celebrities get it very wrong. Here's are some examples of both.

Mischa Barton - owww. Those just do not look comfortable.

Rachel Bilson, I've come to expect more of you.

Rachel Bilson - see, that's better!

Katie Holmes - what the??

Katie Holmes - that's better, too!

Heidi Klum - the woman who can (usually) do no wrong.
These aren't so bad though...Heidi WEARS those jeans, she doesn't let them wear her.

Looking good, Sienna Miller...
I guess stealing husbands agrees with you.
(Oops, did I just type that?!)

Well played, Lindsay Lohan.
I guess batting for the other team agrees with YOU!

Sarah Jessica Parker...
fit and fashionable, these pants fit her amazingly well

Jennifer Aniston - you know, I've never actually seen her look bad in jeans...
Cindy Crawford...the woman was born with good genes for good jeans

Do I think that women need a new signature pair of jeans every season? Well, no. And to be honest, I don't know who, other than celebrities, can afford that...unless it's normal women who max out their credit cards and can't buy groceries at the end of the month, something that is more than ridiculous.

But I personally got my last pair of new jeans three years ago, and I think that when we move back to Vancouver from California, it'll be time to update that part of my wardrobe. Seeing as that move is about eight months away, I'd say I've got just enough time to find the right pair for me.

Jeans go through trends just like any other article of clothing, from bootcut and flared to skinny fit and trousers, and it's difficult to keep on top of what's hot, and to know what will look good on your body. Before I hit the denim bars though, I'm already getting started by narrowing my options, with the new online video denim guide at

shopbop denim video 125X125 banner

After watching all the videos and paying attention to what the short, curvy girl is wearing, I've got some choices for my body shape (pear) and taste, down to these:

Levi's Capital E
Swank Boot Cut Jean
Rich & Skinny
Rich Boot Cut Jean
$140Paige Denim Laurel Canyon P Pocket Jean

From Pink Mascara

Lofli Streamline in Potassium

Jennifer Aniston has these ones...Joe's Jeans Muse Organic Jeans in Olivia

Citizens of Humanity Dita Petite Bootcut in Dark Paris



Chip & Pepper Stella Deep Cove

I'm not totally crushed by those prices, either. Can it be that the days of $300+ denim are over??

I highly recommend checking out the fit video and putting together your own short list before you attempt to hit the online boutiques, or bricks-and-mortar shop in search of the perfect fit.

And by the way, just a few of my favourite denim stores to visit in person:

Gravity Pope
Jonathan + Olivia

Corona Del Mar
Erica Dee

San Francisco

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Anonymous said...

It's about time the price of "premium" denim came down - they're just a pair of JEANS for crying out loud. And, jeans are such a go-to that a well-equipped woman needs more than one I'm glad they seem more affordable, at least the ones you found. Thanks again!