Thursday, July 31, 2008

ModernGear Women: fresh-faced and loving it, or fearful without make-up?

The web is on fire with talk of the Monster of Montauk, a strange alien-looking creature that washed up on a beach in Montauk, at the east end of New York's Long Island.

Gawker Media

You know, images of this thing bring to mind some of the photos I saw of celebrities without make-up in a magazine while I was having a pedi last night. Some look great, some not-so-great.

Alicia Silverstone

Julia Roberts

Drew Barrymore

Christina Ricci

Jessica Simpson

Eva Longoria

Avril Lavigne

Anna Kournikova

Kirsten Dunst

Heidi Klum

Rachel Hunter

There's no doubt, make-up is a tool that should help us play on our strengths, look better and feel more confident, but in the past it's one that I personally have relied on too much. Working as an on-air television reporter, there was no way I could go on camera without make-up, and I found that I was less and less comfortable bare-faced when not at work, as well.

But somewhere along the line I started wearing less and less, and now go days completely without. And while lip gloss, mascara and a soft pink cheek highlighter are on my list of favourite girly things and are usually on my face, it's actually quite freeing to use make-up truly for the love of it, rather than the fear of the absence of it.

So today's post isn't going to be about a cosmetic product at all, rather the question...are you comfortable going without make-up? (If so, send me pictures of you with and without and I'll share them!)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but just let me say it helps that you are adorable and perky without makeup...I won't be sharing my photos sans maquillage!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with anonymous in that you are adorable and perky, but also have to add beautiful. Who knows maybe I am saying that because it runs in the family...

Anonymous said...

Many, many moons ago... I worked with celebrities on a regular basis. Without compromising my identity (or their privacy) I can tell you that they are most assuredly human; that without a team of hairdressers, makeup artists and stylists, most of them schlep around looking quite like the rest of us do. Even with the entourage, many of them still require extensive airbrushing or retouching for those magazine covers.

HD TV is going to be an eye-opener for many people - you'll be able to see (better than ever!) all the little "details" that most of us hope to/try to hide with our clever little makeup tricks!

I'm like you - I wear very little makeup on the average day. But no pictures - I'm usually the one on the other side of the lens!!!

Anonymous said...

That monster looks scarily like Avril Lavigne...