Thursday, July 17, 2008

ModernGear TV: Goodies Give-away!

I'm happy to announce the next Goodies Giveaway! In our first such contest, winner Jenn Ashton won all sorts of goodies:

Embrace The Bra Strap Solution
Embrace A Fresh Pair
Embrace In Place
Astrosatchel tote worth $75
Bindi Single necklace from the Sonja Picard Collection

Jenn sent me a message after she got all of her prizes:
"Tamara, I am just writing to thank you for entering me in the 'goodies give away'. Not only do I now have some great 'loot', but I was able to share my Embrace products with my mom and one of my artists! I also met three amazing women AND, look how fancy I am now!"

Jenn before:
Jenn after:
You're so welcome, Jenn...I LOVE the picture!

The next Goodies Giveaway will be run a bit differently - while the first winner received all of the goodies, I have so much great stuff to give away that I'll be drawing one name per prize, til they're all given out...this could take a while!


This list will grow all the time, as I review new products and get one to give away, so check back by clicking the GOODIES GIVEAWAY link in the right-hand column!

Now, I want to leave this post up for a while so you folks can read it, so stay tuned til tomorrow for my review of Eufora hair products...

Good luck, everyone!

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