Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ModernGear Home: Retro Ice Bags by Gal Pal

I rarely buy cute for cute's sake. I know you can relate to this - I often see something in a store and it appeals to me on an "oh, isn't that cute?" level. If I bought everything "cute" that I saw on an outing, my home would end up full of crap and my bank account empty. But every now and then, like the pretty cheerleader in high school, sometimes there's more to a product than just its looks.

Take the Retro Ice Bag by Gal Pal. It caught my eye in a store the other day and I thought it would look adorable sitting on a shelf in retro-decor washroom, but my imagination pretty much left it at that. I mean it was couldn't-possibly-serve-a-function-cute.

Then I came home to my husband making dinner, just about to use the contents of the bag of frozen peas I've been icing my knees with and then re-freezing, for the past few months. Eeew. Sore knees, meet food poisoning.

Right then and there I realized that sometimes fashion and function can meet in an adorable package, and that for the sake of our stomachs, if my knees continue to act up then I should give them physical therapy by walking down to the store and buying this really cute product.

The bags can also be filled with hot water for a soothing pack. Gal Pal Retro Ice Packs are $13 and can be ordered online. And to your swollen knees, aching head, menstrual cramps (and gastrointestinal system), you're welcome.


Mrs. Merriman said...

Oh poo.. they only ship in the US!

ModernGear TV said...

Hey Mama Merriman! There's a ton of stores in Canada though, check out their list!

Mrs. Merriman said...

Ooh! Thanks bella :D xo

ModernGear TV said...

Any time, my sweet!

Sontza Design Works said...

Ok ... I am a total sucker for cute!! And since my icebag bit the dust a few years ago I am totally in the market!!! Thanks for another awesome product to make my life just a little more fun!!

Off to find one!!


ModernGear TV said...

See, I've never ever had an ice bag. Maybe I am growing up that I actually admit needing one now?! Seems very Woman-of-the-House-like.