Monday, June 23, 2008

ModernGear Food: Crummy (Brothers) Cookies

I’m no cookie connoisseur – I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and actually prefer to bake and nibble on Madeleines over cookies, but when I spotted the box of Crummy Brothers Cookies, I just knew I had to bite.

I'm a sucker for cool packaging, and their box is eye-catching - natural craft cardboard, both recycled and recyclable. A fun graphic of the three brothers who run the business, THE Crummy Brothers (no j0ke), with witty writing like "The Crummy Credo" to boot.

What really got me curious, though, was the idea of a gourmet organic cookie experience. I decided to pick up the Original Organic Chocolate Chip and check them out. And let me say by way of foreshadowing, I can go months without eating chocolate, but I think I'm a goner now.

I put two on a plate and my husband and I followed the Crummy Brother's suggestions as to how to enjoy the cookie - it's all about the Three S's - see, smell and savor. That approach did not disappoint - how often do we eat a sweet, or something else for that matter, without really taking the time to experience it?

Each cookie featured a generous amount of chocolate chips and a wonderful, comforting aroma throughout. As instructed, we carefully snapped the cookie in half and took a bite, to discover edges that were crunchier than the middle because they caramelize the sugar to make it just so, yielding to a yummy soft and chewy texture in the middle.

On the box is printed the question, "Can you identify the secret ingredient there in the midst of so much chocolate?" and I am not sure but I thought I smelled and tasted maybe a slight bit of caramel? The cookie had a kind of "toffee note" (don't I sound all food taster-ish?!) and so that's my guess.

All in all, absolutely yummy.

People have asked why each cookie is individually packaged in plastic wrap and it seems this is for a few reasons - it's for freshness and quality control, and keeps them from sticking together. And it's also a convenient way for a person to pop it in a lunch (you'd probably use a plastic sealing bag or plastic wrap anyway).

I've read that people think they are pretty expensive - $4.99 for six, but one look at the high quality, organic ingredients list, and the fact that there are no trans fats, and I think it's apparent why they cost twice as much as regular store-bought cookies.

Besides, I don't think you can find flavours like

Orange Blossom

or Lemon Ginger

in the same place where you get Oreos, but that's just me.

And now that I've got chocolate back in my life, I'm going to try the

Crummy Brothers Chocolate cookies next. Cocoa, and milk and dark chocolate chips. Be still my heart!

Crummy Brothers Cookies will be sold online at Amazon soon, and you can find a stores list here. (I called the Whole Foods locations in Canada, but they don't seem to carry them yet).

Happy dunking!


Kathryn said...

that's not even a buck a cookie so no big deal really - the lemon ginger sound yummy!

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