Monday, May 12, 2008

ModernGear Beauty: Sweet Jesus I love this lip gloss!

Good Monday Morning, friends. Internet behaviour research has shown that people tend to read their favourite blogs and shop online during their lunch break, so I hope that my posting at just after 10am on the West Coast primes you for this lunch's activities! Easterners, feel free to catch up on your afternoon coffee break...

Today's subject is a lipgloss that I can't stop raving about...Sweet Cosmo's Lip Polish.

Why do I love it so? First of all, it's mineral-based, as is the entire California-based Sweet Cosmos line - which seems to be all the rage these days and frankly, with good reason. Mineral-based cosmetics are non-comedogenic, which means they won't clog up the pores like chemical-based makeup-ups often do. Mineral formulations do not need preservatives, and also inhibit bacteria growth - so as long as your brushes are clean, your make-up should have a lot longer shelf life.

But back to the gloss. I love its consistency - not too thin and runny, but also not goopy sticky either. It is lightly scented with vanilla, so it's a nice pick-me-up. And there are a few fun features to the tube itself, what they call an "innovative led light tube with a mirror" - but I can't speak to this since the one I am using is a small sample in a plain tube I got in a gift bag at an event.

Sweet Cosmos' current colours are:
Pink Pussy Cat

Naked Lady

Ball of Fun

Mud Slide

Hot Young Lady

Gold Rush

I can't seem to spot the perfect peachy shade that I am using in their online offerings for this season, but if you can track it down, you should. I have left a message for them to see if they can help me figure out what colour it is and if it will be available again - it's just the perfect shade to complement the start of a tan and a natural pink blush on your cheeks as your skin finally sees the sun.

This is definitely one product I'll want more of after I run out. And in that way, it occurs to me that beauty products can be compared to affairs of the heart - we're always searching for the right fit, sometimes not finishing and giving up after just starting with something new, or trying hard to make it work until the end but never going back to the same one twice. Well, I've finally found a keeper and I'm coming back for more.

That was sort of Carrie Bradshaw-esque, wasn't it?!

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