Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ModernGear Food: New and improved?

Every now and then an enterprising designer at a company improves on a household product and actually gets it right. With the addition of even a simple feature, the old design is so much better that we go out and buy the new-and-improved thing to help make a task a little easier, even though we haven't worn out the original item yet.

Case in point with OXO brand kitchen gadgets - I've never used a better peeler than their Swivel Peeler ($7.99) . The large rubber handle is easy to hold and doesn't get slippery. The swivel makes it easier to quickly peel carrots, potatoes, asparagus (if that's your thing) and I like the large space between the blade and the protective covering on one side of it, so peels fall right through or can be easily rinsed off.Their Angled Measuring Cups ($9.99 for 4-cup, $7.99 for 2-cup, $6.99 for 1-cup, $9.99 for 3-piece mini cup set) are so smart for easy measurements during baking. No need to crouch down and get your eye level with the cup to make sure your measurements are accurate. Much better for those of us with stiff knees!
But their latest product has me scratching my head a little, wondering if it's something that I'd ever use and if it's really necessary at all, or if it's just a case of a company inventing a need for something we can already take care of on our own, thankyouverymuch.

Introducing, the Salad Chopper With Bowl for $24.99.

"Quickly and easily transforms vegetables into chopped salad", it says in the "FEATURES AND BENEFITS" section.

Well I don't know if I've ever had an issue with salads being time-consuming...I can already quickly transform vegetables into a chopped salad pretty quickly on a cutting board with a straight knife, then pop them into a bowl. I've never really identified this as an issue or a problem to be solved.

Is OXO trying to tell us that we are so hard-pressed for time that the ten seconds it takes to transfer chopped veggies from the cutting board to the bowl needs to be eliminated?

Aren't they inventing themselves out of people buying another of their products, the cutting board?
It also presumes we want every vegetable in our salads cut into the same size bits - but what if I prefer salads that have lettuce pieces, sliced cucumbers, julienned carrots, and sprouts left whole?

I also can't help but wonder how one would store that handled blade in the drawer - it looks a little dangerous, and straight knives just fit into the cutlery drawer or a magnetic strip so nicely.

All in all, I just don't buy it. Actually, I won't buy it! Keep trying, OXO.

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Anonymous said...

lI think I would like to try out the salad bowl and chopper. Yes it is kinda unneccessary but it looks like fun.

Dave Thorsell
Airdrie Alberta