Monday, May 26, 2008

ModernGear Women: Makeup for your hair - Porosity by White Sands

In the grand spectrum of things, I have pretty good hair. I'm not speaking in terms of the actual style, as I'm often a wash-and-wear girl, but more about the actual health of my hair. I don't over-style with damaging heat, I don't pick and pull at it and obsess over split ends...but I do colour it.

I have regularly have a lighter shade or two added to it, since the days when they used to call it "frosting" and used that god-awful torture device of the plastic cap and crochet hook. So, even though I regularly use a masque for my hair and really good quality products, I do still have some dry and flyaway ends.

I really like a new product that was sent to me for testing, that treats just those problems.

Porosity is a leave-in spray created by the hair care product manufacturer White Sands. I've started using it after washing and towel-drying my hair. As per the instructions, I spray on just a light spray - four little pumps is actually enough to get a nice fine mist to cover my entire head.

The first thing I noticed was the wonderful scent of the product - just nice and fresh, feminine, not too flowery. (I am terrible at describing scents but my nose knows when it smells something good...I would say this spray smells almost candy-like).

Then I noticed that the fine mist almost looked like it might make my hair greasy, but as an experienced product tester I knew to reserve judgment until the product had a chance to dry, to see what the final results would be. And I was suitably impressed - it dried to a lovely shine and softness, and I would describe it as kind of sealing my dry ends.

Turns out my experience was exactly what White Sands created Porosity for - calling it "makeup for hair", adding shine and revitalizing dry, damaged hair. We certainly conceal blemishes on our face, and Porosity does this for our hair.

The information that was sent along with Porosity also says that the product can be used to improve the effectiveness and performance of salon services, but I haven't tested this so can't really verify those claims yet. I've probably only scratched the surface of what the product can do, seeing as there are supposed to be four main uses for it:
*bleach highlights - speeds up processing time and results in more even lighter tones and less damage
*color processing - if added to color, enhances tone and gives shine
*pre-wrap for perms - equalizes porosity to give consistent curls
*styling application - adjusts moisture balance and texture of hair

I can definitely speak to the effectiveness of Porosity in the styling side of things, so if anyone out there has used it for salon services, do let us know in the comments!

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