Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ModernGear Women: Getting tiery-eyed for maxi dresses

Sometimes I feel like if I never had to put on a pair of pants again, it would be too soon. Dresses are just the ultimate in style, femininity and comfort, and the current maxi dress trend is tops for me. Within the maxi dress category, we're seeing a lot of long tiered dresses and though a more petite woman might need an length adjustment lest she drag six inches of fabric on the ground if she doesn't bother to have it hemmed, otherwise this style is very wearable. Here is a round-up of some of my favourites:

To me, no-one does French style like Gerard Darel. I've waxed poetic on this designer before and still contend that no-one does a better handbag or sweater coat, but his long tiered dresses are divine as well.

Long dress, flower motif print
Long dress, four tone patchwork with Knitwear jacket
Apparently, Angelina Jolie agrees with me as she is rumoured to have had her stylist Jennifer Rade pick up a few Gerard Darel long dresses to see her through her pregnancy.

It's not easy to find an online list of stores in North America where you can find Gerard Darel but I have left a message with their US office and will be back with a few stores where you can pick up one of these beauties, as well as price information.

Continuing on the tiered maxi dress path, online boutique Pink Olive (click on logo below) has a gorgeous offering.

Rebecca Taylor Long Dress
100% cotton

From shopbop (click logo), three for your viewing (and wearing) pleasure:

C&C California
Kendra Tube Dress
Juicy Couture Smocked Maxi Dress
100% modal
Ella Moss Sunshine Maxi Dress
95% rayon, 5% spandex
And I love this one from Garnet Hill:

Linen Tiered Dress

It's important to keep in mind that maxi dresses can mean maxi prices as well - an instance of you get what you pay for, like, more fabric. But there are also some more affordable options as well, such as this style found at Gap.

Long tiered sundress
Perfect for a pregnant tummy, or just one that had a little too much lunch, this feminine and flowy style will be great throughout the entire summer.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever find out where one can pick up Darel dresses in the US?

ModernGear TV said...

Hey there fellow Gerard Darel fan, I am disappointed to report that they didn't return my call - but I'll try again tomorrow for you, okay? And I'll report back right here in the comments.

ModernGear TV said...

Hey there, no real news for you. I phoned, I've e-mailed and I am kind of disappointed in the lack of response with information...keep checking back and I'll let you know what I am able to find. I was assured that Gerard Darel is available in over 200 stores in the US, but they've not been forthcoming with a list. And we can't blame this on them being French - I spoke to their people in NY!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for trying, I'd love to get one, and I'll keep checking back here.

Anonymous said...

Id also love it if we can find where we can get the Darel dresses or something close to it.

ModernGear TV said...

Hi two anons,
Still nothing back from the Darel people in New York...sheesh! I guess they don't want customers?! I am disappointed, but I'll call again on Monday morning (am writing this on Sat morning).


ModernGear TV said...

Okay! Sorry for the wait - I have some stores in NY and CA - if you live somewhere else or can't get there, let me know and I'll call them...

New York, NY

Danielle B
1034 Lexington Ave

142 Orchard St.

La Jolla, CA

Custom Shirts

San Francisco, CA

3207 Fillmore

475 University Ave.

ModernGear TV said...


Few more:

Redondo Beach

1716 S Catalina Ave

For handbags:

ModernGear TV said...

In Canada:
Gerard Darel
1307 St. Catherine
Montreal, QC.
(514) 842-7711 x400

Olivia said...

Maxi dresses are very easy to wear and best for summer season!!