Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Great Newsletter Roundup June 10, 2009

Hi hi! A quick link round-up for you -- here's what I'm reading this morning.

NieNie lets us see her. Her eyes look beautiful, and full of life - thank goodness.
Carla Bruni's Best first Lady Looks, on HuffPo.
Also on HuffPo, which Paris outfit did Michelle wear best?
The Pioneer Woman went to NY, and visited Sephora every day of her trip. She's right, Sephora DOES make you do things you wouldn't normally do!
I really dig the Hang Out hook, found on Remodelista.
Wow, how do I get Julia's waves (from Lainey Gossip)??
Are you ready for this? Food, Inc. opens. Watch the trailer, and get to the film. They say it'll change the way you look at everything you eat.

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