Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Great Newsletter Roundup May 26, 2009

Morning! Life is settling somewhat back into a regular routine over here at our household. MGTV Hubby returns today, after spending what has passed in the month of May working on our BC home renos. "Oh," you're thinking, "So they must be done." Not so fast.

While it may not look quite like this anymore:
It's also not done...but he's coming home, and will go back to finish up. And when that happens, I'll write the mother of all posts - or a series of them - to show what we've (he's) done.

For now - links!

Beautiful. Remodelista has beach cabins from Stockholm-based Sommarnöjen.
A handy guide to some of the best and nicest-looking drinking glasses, from Apartment Therapy.
What a pretty home, from Swish and Swanky.
Liz Smith Presents: Celebrity Culture, Part 1 - on wowowow.com. Here's Part 2.
The Wall Street Journal says home prices continue their downward march. Scary...
But on Reuters, a report that the world economy is stabilizing.
Yahoo reports on how Geithner got his groove back.
LOVE this big floppy hat! On Sicka Than Average.

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