Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Great Newsletter Roundup May 21, 2009

I am very very busy, but you dear readers deserve some links! Here's what I am loving this morning...

Straw bags from Piperlime.
Am feeling like gardening. Had I a garden shed, I'd fill it with these Gorm shelving units from Ikea, on sale from $25, down to $14.99.
Loving SFGirlbyBay's flickr curator series.
Wow, be careful with this habit - In Recession, Women Splurge As If Addicted (from Yahoo). "Compensatory consumption", indeed.
Are you like me and have always wondered if there was anything to do with radish tops? Or am I alone in this? Anyway, Chocolate and Zucchini says to make pesto! I think I shall try this one.
Pastor Ryan and his family visited The Pioneer Woman and her family recently - oh to have been at that culinary feast! Here's his bread recipe I'll also be trying.

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