Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ModernGear Helpful and Handy: For the person who has everything

I want to thank my Mom for giving me a post idea for today and tomorrow with an e-mail that she forwarded. No, not pictures of frolicking puppies or cartoons of saggy-breasted old women uttering some witty aphorism, but one entitled "For The Person Who Has Everything". Mom commented, "Some things you may not have had a chance to review yet!"

And she's right! I had only ever heard of the first one, but I'll share them all with you (except one whose photo won't display) - half today and half tomorrow. Though I haven't used them, I'll try to find out where you can find them...

Thanks, Mom!

(Spacing and spelling is original from the forwarded e-mail - click on any image to make it larger)
The Banana Guard, $6.99 CAD, (available at is, I think, an ingenious invention for people who do not like soft bananas. I prefer them quite hard (insert dirty joke here), and the banana being so delicate and prone to easy bruising, this hard plastic case is something I have always admired.

The creators are actually emergency room doctors from Vancouver, BC (they know a think or two about bruised bananas, one could surmise), and I had spoken to them in the past about doing some marketing and PR for their product.

Their newest products are the Froot Guard and Froot Case, for the same price as the Banana Guard. Eventually I'd like to do a story on their products.

The next product in the e-mail is the ingenious Lock Cup.
Read about the cup here at designboom and also at, but it doesn't seem like it's available for purchase. Which isn't such a bad thing - after all, who wants another key to be responsible for?!

Third up, a transparent toaster!
Gizmodo, Kancept, Coolest Gadgets and others are talking about this one but it looks like it's just a concept so far and not available for purchase.

Next up, the One Step Butter Cutter, $17.95.
I like the concept of this one - for convenience sake only though. It's a butter dish and a butter cutter. (Though I didn't know that butter was regularly difficult to cut?) I suppose there's something to the concept for portion control purposes. But honestly, if you don't have enough willpower to keep yourself from being uncontrollable at the butter dish, what's keeping you from clicking twice for two pats on butter anyway? My verdict is more a question - who needs more plastic in their lives?

Next in line is the Giant Remote!
This is a funny gag gift for someone who is always losing the remote, but it's also probably a handy tool for an elderly person with failing eyesight. I give this one a thumbs-up! A few different ones are available on Amazon:

$5.95 for the Really Big Universal Jumbo Remote Control from American Clocks

$9.99 for this Jumbo Remote from Get Organized.

Come back tomorrow for some others, including one or two I'd definitely love to have!


Barb & Lorna said...

Oh, I will come back tomorrow. I love this kind of stuff. I bought my Mom a banana guard for her birthday, she has Crohn's disease and she needs to eat a banana every day. You should have seen my brothers and my Dad's faces when she opened the present in a restaurant. I bought her the pink one.hehe

Mrs. Merriman said...

Wonderful write-up! Mike has the banana guard, too. He uses it for bike rides! You should see the looks on the guys faces as he stops for a snack and pulls out the banana guard! I think they are just jealous though ;)