Monday, April 20, 2009

The Great e-Roundup April 20, 2009

Good Monday morning, everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was full of wine & BBQ, friends and dogs and Scrabble, and the GRAND PRIX! I really wanted Danica Patrick to win but she came in 4th. Still, Dario Franchitti coming in 1st isn't such a bad thing, and the event was thrilling! AND sweaty - so hot (36C, 89F)!

Race fans

Top three winners do a victory lap on the back of a Toyota pick-up

First place driver Dario Franchitti

After that day in the sun, all we wanted for dinner was a nice light salad - that will be my recipe on this Monday, coming up in just a few minutes. Until then, links are below.

Vitamin Daily Vancouver says what's old is new again STOP
Susan Boyle might have to share the glory and fame on Britain's Got Talent this season - here's Shaheen!
I'm sleeping well, if not enough, these days. How about you? Yahoo has 10 ways to get better sleep.
If you ever doubted that the universe (or God, or your God) speaks to you and makes things happen, then you should read the post titled some stories need to be told, by clicking here, at Superhero Journal. I've just stopped crying a few minutes later!
Wowowow's question of the day is As we fight through difficult times, what might be the blessings of adversity?
Just read a great post on White Hot Truth with Danielle LaPorte - the euphoria of admitting when it sucks. I am hoping she still has room in her Los Angeles group Fire Starter sessions because I am IN! Portland, you get one too...

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