Saturday, March 21, 2009

ModernGear Home: What a Crock! Large utensil storage

I go through much inner debate when it comes to decorating and even what I'll call (because I love the term) "kitting out" a space. That's never more obvious than when it's time to move into a new place, and especially because we're renting here in California. I wonder whether it would be easier, or more difficult, if this were a home we owned like the ones in Vancouver.

I tell myself not to decorate for the space because it's a rental but then I realize - it might be a while until we have a "permanent" home. So maybe the idea is to source out and buy what we need, where we are, and then see if it works later.

Anyway, I have loads of kitchen dilemmas, not the least of which is large utensil storage. I'd normally store them by the stove, but in this case the new place has an island cooktop, with not a lot of counter space. See?

We may or may not store the large utensils there, but I'll definitely vote for a crock of some sort for the utensils rather than a drawer as there is one large and one small drawer only (and one of the drawers is on the opposite side of the cooktop) it's a matter of finding one that does not constantly fall over like our current light aluminum one.

I like this picture from Martha Stewart in her article about the Golden Rules of Kitchen Organization, because this way of storing large utensils could work well in any kind of home.
Anyway, I babble. Let's get to the crocks.

Sur La Table Le Creuset Poterie Crock
Much less expensive at Cookwear Essentials for $19.95.

Le Creuset Utensil Crock in white
Emile Henry Azur Crock Utensil Holder
Emile Henry Citron Crock Utensil Holder
Those are pretty much the ones I'd be interested in - plain white or colourful, and not with a garish design printed on them,
which are ubiquitous on many a site (except I'll just come out and admit that even the Le Creuset name emblazoned, even ever-so-tastefully on those ones bother me). These are my choices if I were to make my purchase from a large store.

But I woulnd't automatically do that, now would I? Not when there's my friend etsy (that is, after all, where I turned to satisy my kitchen towel craving)...

Pottery White Cookie Jar Canister Utensil Crock
$26 from logcabinmamma

White Grey Tree Crock
from fineartstoneware

All Around Crock
from hafelepottery
So I dunno. Tough decision but in the end, it'll blend in anyway so I probably shouldn't obsess...

Every now and again on a Monday I'll buy myself a single flower or small bunch. This week I indulged in a bunch of sweet peas, AND found this vase at the flower shop. I think it will do nicely. I've put all the utensils into it at the new place, and it looks great if I do say so myself. I'll add a new photo of it in use later. For now, check it out:
If for some reason I don't like it later, I'll go with the white Le Creuset, as I saw some in-store and loved them.

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Anonymous said...

Love the crocks! Also love my stainless steel container from, where else, Lee Valley!! I really like the last crock. Hmm... when we move???