Friday, March 20, 2009

ModernGear Home: New home decorating dilemmas

So we're moving - though we've been moving for the entire month of March. That's what happens when you get access to your new home, but hubby goes on a two-week business trip! Oy - the timing!

No worries - it has given me plenty of time to obsess over the details...

So several posts to follow will share our decorating dilemmas with you, and ask for opinions if anyone has them.

First up, the bedroom. You can click on the picture to make it larger.

So we have this bed frame and side tables shown on the left, in dark brown. On those tables generally sit a stack of magazines and a book or two, plus the wonderful Candela lamps I've reviewed before.

To the right is the duvet cover from Dwell that I have been coveting, and that WILL BE MINE!

And THEN. I have the carpet options. We have hardwood floors but they're on their last legs and likely cannot be refinished yet another time (or so we have been warned, I suppose so we'll tiptoe around and try to make Duane do the same!) so, we've decided to go with the wonderful Flor carpet tiles in each room. I'm seeing grey (gray?) in the bedroom.

I've ordered samples of I think most of these - one wasn't available, but otherwise there are three of the greys coming soon.

As always, I look forward to your decorating dilemma is carpet tiles in the living room. Stay tuned!

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