Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ModernGear Food: Roasted veggies with rosemary

My husband's Mom, like my Mom, is an amazing cook. And this woman is FAST! She moves lightning-quick while cleaning, chopping, spicing...while I, comparatively, plod along in my preparations. Some days when I am feeling sluggish I just think of her pace and try to pick up my own.

Last time she visited, she pulled together a dish of roasted veggies that made me weak in the knees, and I am copying it as best I can here. And do you want to know how good it is? Over dinner the last time I made it, my husband said, (I made notes - that's what happens when you're married to a journalist and he that almost all conversations are fodder for blog posts), "Honey, these are hands down the best potatoes ever. I want to have them every night! The beautiful flavours of the baked onion, peppers, potatoes and the oregano - they're gorgeous!" To which I replied, "Except it's rosemary." And he said, "Yeah, rosemary!" I, of course, gushed appropriately (but I didn't think I necessarily had to remind him that the recipe came from his mom).

Roasted Veggies with Rosemary


olive oil
red pepper
yellow pepper
half red onion
6-8 potatoes
fresh rosemary
salt and pepper


1. Chop all veggies into medium-sized chunks.

2. Throw them all into a pan - I like to use a glass one for this colourful dish.

2. Sprinkle olive oil, salt, pepper, and chopped rosemary (leaves, not stalk) on top. Be generous with the rosemary, I used about five sprigs.
3. Stir it all up, or toss.
4. This part is going to be annoying - because I want you to bake in a 350 degree oven, until they're done! I know this is going to make at least my sister's head spin because she likes specificity in her recipes, but that's the best I can do! It's dependent on a lot of things - your stove, size of the chunks, on and on. I bake mine for about 40 minutes, give them a stir, and stick them in for another 30-40 minutes.

And this is what they look like when they come out:
What you can't tell, of course, is how they smell. SO GOOD! And taste - EVEN BETTER! I can't figure out if it's the peppers that impart the most flavour or the rosemary or what. I can tell you that once I didn't have red onion so I used yellow, and it was nowhere near as delicious so it might just be our friend the red onion.

Whatever it is, make these. And let me know what YOUR diners say.

Bon App├ętit!


Sontza Design Works said...

Ok Mrs. Modern Gear ... I am going to attempt this recipe for dinner even though you didn't give your cooking challenged sister more complete instructions!!

I'll be sure to let you know what the results were!


ModernGear TV said...

GOOD girl! Don't panic. Do what comes naturally. You'll figure it out. Can't wait to hear how it goes over...

Sontza Design Works said...

Ok ... so I survived and even improvised ... I only had red and ORANGE peppers!! Check me out!

And it was yummers!!!!!!!! Probably will add more rosemary next time but other than that I think I did a great job and even more to the point ... Rick loved it! He thanks you!

Can't wait to try the curry chicken salad next!


ModernGear TV said...

Nicely done, my sis! I should have mentioned actually, to use more rosemary than you think you would need to - it adds so much!

Tell him he's welcome!

And you're actually going to try curry chicken salad? This from the girl who is afraid to try Indian. Now you're blowing my mind! LOVE IT!!