Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Great e-Roundup February 3, 2009

Happy February! I return to you refreshed both creatively and health-wise. My cold is in its last few days, and I'm looking forward to work. Woo! Here are some great links, below...

Did you watch the Super Bowl? I was busy relaxing over the weekend, and besides I only ever watch for the commercials anyway. Here they are, in case you missed them. (From HuffPo)
This weekend away, I had a wonderful spa treatment - a body brushing and then a vino wrap.
My husband and I immensely enjoyed the double sinks in our cabin. It's amazing what little things can help your everyday routine. One day we'll maybe be able to have them at home. Love the ones Remodelista is showing, for the kitchen that is.
TOO yummy! Tomorrow morning I'll be writing about the treatment, and the body butter I just had to buy for home use. When I'm feeling the winter dry creep back into my skin, I'm going to do this Whole living scrub.
Prepare to pucker up! Divine.ca brings us a review of lip plumpers.

Okay, must run. Posting mid-morning.

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