Friday, January 16, 2009

The Great e-Roundup January 16, 2009

Life will get back to normal soon on MGTV. Come hell or high water we're putting the Feb issue of the magazine to bed mid-next week, and I think I can actually start blogging in the mornings again. Won't you stick around? Pretty please? Til then, here are some LINKS!

Real Age has an easy, tasty way to cut fat calories.
Who Wear What Daily's post about cold weather wear makes me wish it wasn't so hot here. I like Blake Lively's look the best.
I love the blots that Jessica Sutton shares here.
This Is Love Forever's newest project might just be the best thing to do with your credit cards!
Kempt has a great tip for fresh-smelling clothes. I have this vodka in my home and I am going to try this!
Design For Mankind has a great giveaway...I could definitely spend some money at this online shop.
And I won THIS giveaway on On My Perch, so winning online can happen! I'll write about the calendar when I get it!
The Freelancer's Fashionblog has a great and informative post about colouring leather shoes.

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