Monday, December 29, 2008

ModernGear Food: A drink with great panache

I was busy in the kitchen over the holidays - I baked Sugar Cookies
and Chocolate Crinkle Cookies,
made my first Borscht
We uphold the Polish tradition of putting money under the placemat at Christmas dinner -
to ensure good money for the next year!

and came up with a recipe for Chicken Corn Chowder that is to die for (I'll make it again and post here), but I didn't take many photos of the action. Instead, I was trying to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible (besides, I had to fight for work space!)
Mr. ModernGear TV and his Dad

Duane supervises

and more time with family, for our first California Christmas.
Besides, I am obsessed with my muse and the camera seems to be dedicated to him these days.
On the way to the dog beach

The happiest place on Earth for our pooch

Looking very regal, I think, with his stuffed Santa

And not-so-regal when gnawing on his little buddy

As well as a lot of good food, I also enjoyed some really nice drinks...Mimosas with breakfast and a lovely Coppola Diamond Collection Pinot were the highlights, but then there was the Panache, or as the French call it, Panaché.

We discovered this little beauty at a local creperie, and it's my go-to drink. Also known as a Shandy, my favourite way to drink it is half beer (Stella, Half Moon, or some other nice blonde will do) and half 7-Up or Sprite.

It might seem awfully pedestrian and maybe even a way to ruin a good beer, but I like it mighty fine. Try it! But not too many, or you'll end up like Duane after a long day:


Kathryn said...

7-up or Sprite???!!! Blasphemy!Gingerbeer is the ONLY way to go, my love! all other ways are sacrilege!!!

on a more positive note, is that the Thomas Haas chocolate crinkle cookie you made?

ModernGear TV said...

I know!! It's crazy! Okay now I have never had Gingerbeer, either. You must share the "recipe"?! Or is this something I can just buy to pour in?

The recipe came from NPR, from a really funny sounding food little old lady/chemist/baker who LOVES cookies. Like, a little too much. But cute nonetheless.