Friday, November 21, 2008

The Great e-Roundup November 21, 2008

For your Friday reading pleasure:

Tongue in Cheek does it again - makes me want to move to France - pronto - with this beautiful photo essay post about Provence. C'est magnifique!
I think this new automatic door opening dishwasher that Dwell writes about is brilliant - mainly because ours beeps when it is done until the door is opened, but also because air drying is the only way to go.
I had a biopsy done on a mole last week (it came back normal) and the doctor really dug deep. The post from Vital Juice Daily about how to naturally reduce a scar is of real interest to me.
Real Age says Go Bananas for a healthier colon!
Because I'm Addicted is tortured by vintage Chanel...

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