Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ModernGear Vote: Rock the tee (and the vote)

There is some debate about the origins of the phrase, "May you live in interesting times", but what we can't argue is that, for better or worse, we do.

The U.S. election takes place in one week, and I for one am incredibly excited. Living in California as a Canadian has meant that I have been able to experience history in the making and see it and hear it right where I live and work and shop. I've heard too many conversations about politics to count...as we take Duane for a walk in the evening, as I shop for groceries, as I wait in line for a Pinkberry. I have spent a little time volunteering for my favourite candidate's campaign and I so wish I could vote, because I have an opinion just like everyone else does - but here is not the place for that.

Well, I was going to say that here is not the place...but actually, it is. Because this is my space, after all. I'm not representing anyone else in this, my web site. So, not to get all political on you but...I'll let my fashion choices do the talking!

Now is the time to get your Obama t-shirts, my friends! Most of the ones I've tried to get on the BarackObama.com web site are sold out, but I hope they'll be reprinted. I would like to order from the site as the funds go towards the campaign. Here are my favourites:

Obama '08 ladies navy t-shirt, $25

Obama and Biden Logo ladies grey t-shirt, $25
Obama Mama ladies t-shirt, $25
Got Hope? ladies t-shirt, $25
For men, I like these:
Obama For President Stitched Look Navy t-shirt, $20.08
Obama Face Ringer, $25

Obama and Biden Navy long sleeve t-shirt, $25
I also like some of the tees available on other sites, like these from Amazon:

I Heart Obama Womens T-Shirt , $19.99

Sons Of Liberty The Obama Point Tee, $21

Represent Obama T-Shirt, $19.99-$21.99

And finally, a selection from Cafepress.com.
"My friends, I'm voting for that one", $16.99
"That One", $19.99
And I leave you with what may be the best tee of all...from etsy 's kwvh:
Please f**king vote, $20

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