Friday, October 24, 2008

ModernGear Shoes: Saving your feet with a spare

This week I told you about going to the Women's Conference, and I wanted to share another observation: the wardrobe choices at these events is as interesting as the displays and speakers!

I learned that there are three types of women:
1. The woman who comes with comfort in mind and nothing else, in track pants and running shoes. (The Night At The Village was a full convention center of booths and samples, so you can imagine the hormone-fuelled craze!)
2. The woman who comes dressed for comfort AND style with business suits plus running shoes. 3. The woman who is dressed absolutely to the nines, complete with stilettos she cannot walk in (visibly, obviously, painfully). By the end of the night I just wanted to walk around with a big wheelbarrow and take these ones off their four-inch heels, and wheel them to their cars.

They would have been a lot better off by the end of the night if they had made their way over to the Spare Soles booth, I'll tell you that much. Their little spare pair-in-a-bag is for just such an occasion. Dressed up but feet ready to fall off? Stow those stilettos, and don a more reasonable pair of slipper-style shoes.

They're $25 and come packed in a little case to slip into your handbag.

There are a variety of colours available so that you can still coordinate with your outfit, but you'll look much better than that girl who is always walking around barefoot an hour after the dance starts at a wedding. No-one wants to be that girl.

Available at select stores and online at


Abigail said...

Ha, I love it! It's pretty brilliant, when you get right down to it.

As someone with nerve damage in her feet -- which also happen to be too broad for a lot of women's shoes -- I always have to think about comfort over style. But I love heels!

What is a girl to do?

Apparently someone FINALLY answered the question!

My only question is where on earth you can stow the heels once you take them off. That bag doesn't look big enough to accommodate even modest-sized heels.

ModernGear TV said...

Hi Abigail! How are you?

I think you'd need to carry a bigger bag, for sure...make sure there's enough room to stow the stilettos as well as the spares seen here while you're still able to walk in the heels!