Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ModernGear Baby and Kids: Fancy Fall Footwear

Stick a fork in me, I am officially done. I am swooning about fall's new boots and shoes for myself but let's be honest, when it comes fall footwear, is there ANYTHING cuter than teeny, tiny, stylish shoes for kids? Nope. Didn't think so.

So I'll leave aside the big girl boots in favour of the cuteness today. Here are my picks for little girls, for this fall. (Boys will get their turn tomorrow!)

My absolute favourites are found at pediped - their shoes are actually recommended by podiatrists, and, I'd venture to say, fashionistas. I am loving the Giselle boot in chocolate brown. Can I get these in my size? Just look at this little sweetheart!
These are $57, but a lot of their sizes are out of stock for the season - just too cute to keep in stock. They are carried in lots of stores though - that's where I first got to see these shoes. Let's see what else we can find.

Well, the Giselle chocolate brown baby boot ($41) is awfully sweet, too.

And you really can't go wrong with Mary Janes. The style for girls are $45 and for babies they are $32.

And hello, red patent for fall...again, another pair I'd love to wear! Isabella for girls is $49 and babies is $32.

If we're looking ahead to Christmas and New Years' (and really, who isn't?!), then these (Faith, black velvet, $32) are just perfect for a wee little baby girl.

And here we is the following picture of the Naomi baby shoe ($32) that has officially put me over the edge:

Finally, I am moving on from pedipedi but only because I don't want to copy over their entire selection!

Robeez, a company started in Canada by the ultimate Mompreneur, are the perfect soft-soled slipper-style shoes and booties for baby. I really love these owl ones for $28, from Pink Olive. Of course the owl is wearing a sweet bow, too!
And I'm in a real bird place these days, so I am attracted to these bird booties ($28) as well.

Speaking of little birdies, Duck Duck Goose has a pair of bird baby shoes by See Kai Run that I think are awfully sweet, as well. The Melody maryjane is $40.

I also love the See Kai Run "Tamar" Soft Sole shoe for $34 although they forgot the "a" at the end of the name! has some of the funniest little slipper shoes you can find, I think. Like their Little Lady Mary Janes for $29, and the Leap Frog Mary Janes for $29.

And finally, because I really have to stop at some point...if you haven't seen the aptly-named yet, you should really go. The selection of shoes will take you a long, long time to go through...but here are a few of my faves for little prepster girls from Endless.

Naturino Toddler/Little Kid Polo Loafer for $86.95.
Naturino Toddler/Little Kid Polo Loafer

Primigi Little Kid/Big Kid Bath Moccasin Flat, $69.95-$79.95
Primigi Little Kid/Big Kid Bath Moccasin Flat
If you have a little guy to dress, come back tomorrow when I'll be finding my favourite shoes and boots for boys!


Kathryn said...

ADORABLE! I see at least one pair of these in Lola's future ...

ModernGear TV said...

I did write this post with her in mind, you know!

Kathryn said...

I know you did! I will footnote you on the gift card :)

ModernGear TV said...

Excellent! Can I be her Fairy Godmother?!