Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Live update from the Women's Conference

Am here at the Women's Conference, just met a wonderful man who is the only priest who opposes Prop 8, and had a wonderful and too brief chat with him. I watched Heidi Klum (who is breathtaking!), met Dr. Mehmet Oz and had him sign two books - while getting inspired for a story pitch I am going to make to Body + Soul magazine.

Heard Maria Shriver speak and watched women wipe away the tears streaming down their faces while listening to her.

There are, I think, some 14,000 women here today and I am struck by the wish that we could all collectively work together for all of the issues that we believe in. Why do women so often work at odds with each other? There's a sense of hope and cooperation in this building, and I can only hope that the women who are here, like me, leave with inspiration and purpose.

5:23pm - I am back home now and watching the remainder of the conference on-line. If you happen to be reading this any time before 7pm Pacific, you can too, by clicking here. I do wish I was still there - Mria Shriver is out the Minerva Awards now...but I gotta tell you, these things wipe me out! My feet are going to fall off if I walk any more.

But I came away with great things to tell you about over the next few days, contacts made, and ideas for magazine stories.

AND oh yeah, a wicked hoodie! I'll tell you about it tomorrow. Now go watch! Gloria Steinem is receiving a Minerva Award, and Bono is still to come...I'd have liked to see him in person again (I worked for U2 a few years ago) but here at home with my feet up, I will watch him on my computer.

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