Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ModernGear Women: Flipping for Fitflops

Since moving to Southern California, my fashion game has suffered severely. There's just no use in dressing up to get out on the court, if you will, when the uniform across the board here is as simple as it gets.

Shorts and tank top, or dress, with flip-flops is de rigeur. Any more than that and the locals look at you funny. And, I'm not much of a shorts girl, so if you took a look into my closet right now you'd see about 15 dresses or more (I'm missing a few in the count, I am sure).

That's all well and good - it's the most comfortable choice in this heat...but, my footwear is what has really suffered...and as a result, so have my feet.

I'm talking about flip-flops, of course (thongs to some of you). Every summer, a foot doctor is interviewed about the health hazards of flip-flops, and every summer they say the same thing - the lack of arch support increases your chances of getting a foot injury, and you could end up with strains, sprains, and even fractures.

So what is a woman with a new pup who needs two or three daily walks, to do? Running shoes with socks would be disgustingly hot and the genuine opposite of fashionable when worn with a dress. But I couldn't get much further than a block or two in those little rubber jobbies, without my dogs barking (and I'm not talking about Duane, either). So I did a little research, and decided it was time to trade in my flip-flops, for Fitflops.

Fit Flop Walkstar
Promising a 'workout while you walk', the Fitflops were specially biomechanically engineered and designed to work and tone your lower body, while absorbing shock and lessening joint strain. Now, if you know me you'll know I've had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 30 of my 36 years, so I am no stranger to foot pain. No shoes or sandals let me walk as far and as long as a person without my joint problems, but I can walk further and for longer, with Fitflops than with any other shoe, ever. Period. And that, for me, is a miracle. They work so well that I wear them all day long - inside the house and out.

So whether you've got foot pain or wear your flip-flops so much that you're bound to be a candidate for foot pain or injury at some point, I can't recommend these highly enough. You can also get a more dressy version of the Fitflop as well, with a patent finish in black or bronze.

Walkstar black patent finish
Walkstar bronze patent finish
I love that while they're more expensive than your average pair of flip-flops, they're still a lot cheaper than a pair of Birkenstocks or the MBT sandals. You can get Fitflops from Bliss, click on the following link to see more colours and for a special offer: Fitflops: get a workout while you walk! Plus, get free shipping and a free tote when you spend $75.

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Anonymous said...

I have been seeing these around and wondered why they were so special, now I know!! Cool you know if they're available somewhere I can try them on?