Monday, July 28, 2008

ModernGear Women: stomping out cellulite

I'm going to cheat a little on this post and copy a story I wrote for the Globe and Mail Style section, because it's so timely...if you click on it, it'll open up larger and you should be able to read all the text. If you can't read it all and want to, let me know and I can send the copy.

I bought the MBTs in the red bowling shoe style back four years ago when I wrote the piece, and though I don't wear them very often in hot and sunny California, I walked the pooch while wearing them one evening last week, and I yet again experienced the wonderful additional workout they provide. My article still stands - these shoes are not a gimmick and they really work!
I did find them quite expensive at the time, but the good news is that discontinued styles are now on sale - click through to Shop anti-cellulite treatments at and go straight to the MBT section.

The red bowling shoe like I have was $245 and is now $159 and they also have that style in baby blue as well as some other shoe options, and a pair of sandals that was $235 and is now $129.
No, you won't be wearing these with that cute summer dress you have, or even your new fall denim, but as part of a regular walking routine they'll actually help you look better IN those fashions (and out of them, too)!

There's no end date on the sale so I would assume it'll be on while supplies last. Get 'em while you can!

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Denise @ Swelle said...

I have a new pair of MBTs (the navy Mary Jane style), my first ones and I love them. I wore them on a flight from England, having to connect at Heathrow and it's the first time my feet weren't tired doing that trip. And the bonus is you're getting a bit of a workout when queuing for security! They also help my knee which is trouble, and the reason for buying them. Who knew instability is the best thing for our bodies?